Welcome to Cuddle Bugs Baby Massage - baby massage offers a wonderful bonding                  experience for parents, carers and their new born so that you can both enjoy special time                     together while your baby feels loved and valued.

THE BENEFITS OF BABY MASSAGE: the benefits of baby massage are numerous.

For baby: helping your baby feel loved and secure, reduced crying and emotional distress, increasing levels of relaxation and promoting sleep, developing baby’s coordination, relief from colic, wind, constipation and other digestive issues.

For you: feel a close bond with your baby, a deeper understanding of your baby’s behavior, crying and body language, you get to spend precious uninterrupted 1-2-1 time with your baby in a relaxed, friendly environment, increased confidence in caring for your baby, learning a skill that will last you forever.


I usually take babies from 4-6 weeks of age up to when they start to crawl

Class sizes are kept small to ensure a relaxing environment for you and your baby.

 I am a fully qualified baby massage instructor with DBS and full insurance.

   NOTE: PARENTS OF TWINS: I do not charge extra for twins - you just pay the normal rate for a single baby.

A wonderful way to bond with your baby through the art of gentle touch


Wonderful session with Jenny at Cuddle Bugs, she’s friendly and makes you feel really relaxed and at ease so you can join in with as much of the session as you are able but if you need to take a break to feed or change baby, or if baby is fussing, it’s all ok and in a safe space. I loved the techniques learned and it helped put my five month old straight to sleep (amazing!) - thank you SO much I will be recommending to everyone!”

Laura - mum to Rowan 5 months

Sept 2018

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